Today in History, English
Today in History, English

86851August 1Birth1963 – Dean Wareham, New Zealand singer-songwriter and guitarist (Galaxie 500, Luna, and Dean & Britta)
86852August 1Birth1964 – Adam Duritz, American singer-songwriter and producer (Counting Crows and The Himalayans)
86853August 1Birth1964 – Kaspar Capparoni, Italian actor
86854August 1Birth1964 – Fiona Hyslop, Scottish businesswoman and politician
86855August 1Birth1965 – Brandt Jobe, American golfer
86856August 1Birth1965 – Sam Mendes, English director and producer
86857August 1Birth1966 – George Ducas, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
86858August 1Birth1966 – James St. James, American club promoter and author
86859August 1Birth1967 – Gregg Jefferies, American baseball player and coach
86860August 1Birth1967 – José Padilha, Brazilian director, producer and screenwriter
86861August 1Birth1968 – Stacey Augmon, American basketball player and coach
86862August 1Birth1968 – Dan Donegan, American guitarist (Disturbed, Fight or Flight, and Vandal)
86863August 1Birth1968 – Shigetoshi Hasegawa, Japanese baseball player and sportscaster
86864August 1Birth1969 – Andrei Borissov, Estonian footballer and manager
86865August 1Birth1969 – Kevin Jarvis, American baseball player and scout
86866August 1Birth1969 – Graham Thorpe, English cricketer and journalist
86867August 1Birth1969 – Stuart Wade, English actor
86868August 1Birth1969 – David Wain, American actor, director, and screenwriter
86869August 1Birth1970 – Sibel Can, Turkish singer, actress, and dancer
86870August 1Birth1970 – Quentin Coryatt, American football player
86871August 1Birth1970 – David James, English footballer and manager
86872August 1Birth1970 – Elon Lindenstrauss, Israeli mathematician and academic
86873August 1Birth1971 – Jorge Eduardo Costilla Sánchez, Mexican drug lord
86874August 1Birth1971 – Ágúst Gylfason, Icelandic footballer
86875August 1Birth1971 – Charles Malik Whitfield, American actor and producer
86876August 1Birth1971 – İdil Üner, German-Turkish actress and singer
86877August 1Birth1972 – Nicke Andersson, Swedish singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Hellacopters The Solution, The Hydromatics, and Imperial State Electric)
86878August 1Birth1972 – Christer Basma, Norwegian footballer and coach
86879August 1Birth1972 – Todd Bouman, American football player and coach
86880August 1Birth1972 – Martin Damm, Czech-American tennis player

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