Today in History, English
Today in History, English

11971January 30Event1972 – The Troubles: Bloody Sunday: British Paratroopers open fire on and kill fourteen unarmed civil rights/anti-internment marchers in Derry, Northern Ireland.
11972January 30Event1972 – Pakistan withdraws from the Commonwealth of Nations.
11973January 30Event1975 – The Monitor National Marine Sanctuary is established as the first United States National Marine Sanctuary.
11974January 30Event1979 – A Varig Boeing 707-323C freighter, flown by the same commander as Flight 820, disappears over the Pacific Ocean 30 minutes after taking off from Tokyo.
11975January 30Event1982 – Richard Skrenta writes the first PC virus code, which is 400 lines long and disguised as an Apple boot program called "Elk Cloner".
11976January 30Event1989 – Closure of the American embassy in Kabul, Democratic Republic of Afghanistan.
11977January 30Event1994 – Péter Lékó becomes the youngest chess grandmaster.
11978January 30Event1995 – Workers from the National Institutes of Health announce the success of clinical trials testing the first preventive treatment for sickle-cell disease.
11979January 30Event2000 – Off the coast of Ivory Coast, Kenya Airways Flight 431 crashes into the Atlantic Ocean, killing 169.
11980January 30Event2003 – The Kingdom of Belgium officially recognizes same-sex marriages.
11981January 30Event2013 – Naro-1 becomes the first carrier rocket launched by South Korea.
11982January 30Birth58 BC – Livia, Roman wife of Augustus (d. 29)
11983January 30Birth133 – Didius Julianus, Roman emperor (d. 193)
11984January 30Birth1563 – Franciscus Gomarus, Dutch theologian and academic (d. 1641)
11985January 30Birth1615 – Thomas Rolfe, American son of Pocahontas (d. 1675)
11986January 30Birth1661 – Charles Rollin, French historian and educator (d. 1741)
11987January 30Birth1697 – Johann Joachim Quantz, German flute player and composer (d. 1773)
11988January 30Birth1703 – François Bigot, French politician (d. 1778)
11989January 30Birth1720 – Charles De Geer, Swedish entomologist and archaeologist (d. 1778)
11990January 30Birth1754 – John Lansing, Jr., American lawyer and politician (d. 1829)
11991January 30Birth1775 – Walter Savage Landor, English poet and author (d. 1864)
11992January 30Birth1781 – Adelbert von Chamisso, German botanist and poet (d. 1838)
11993January 30Birth1816 – Nathaniel P. Banks, American general and politician, 24th Governor of Massachusetts (d. 1894)
11994January 30Birth1822 – Franz Ritter von Hauer, Austrian geologist and curator (d. 1899)
11995January 30Birth1832 – Infanta Luisa Fernanda, Duchess of Montpensier (d. 1897)
11996January 30Birth1841 – Félix Faure, French politician, 7th President of France (d. 1899)
11997January 30Birth1844 – Richard Theodore Greener, American diplomat and attorney (d.1922)
11998January 30Birth1846 – Angela of the Cross, Spanish nun and saint (d. 1932)
11999January 30Birth1852 – Ion Luca Caragiale, Romanian playwright and poet (d. 1912)
12000January 30Birth1859 – Tony Mullane, Irish-American baseball player and manager (d. 1944)

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