Today in History, English
Today in History, English

144211December 23Birth1935 – Abdul Ghani Minhat, Malaysian footballer and manager (d. 2012)
144212December 23Birth1935 – Esther Phillips, American singer (d. 1984)
144213December 23Birth1936 – Frederic Forrest, American actor
144214December 23Birth1937 – Avi, American author
144215December 23Birth1937 – Barney Rosenzweig, American screenwriter and producer
144216December 23Birth1937 – Nelson Shanks, American painter (d. 2015)
144217December 23Birth1938 – Bob Kahn, American computer scientist and engineer, co-developed the Transmission Control Protocol
144218December 23Birth1939 – Nancy Graves, American artist (d. 1995)
144219December 23Birth1939 – La Lupe, Cuban-American singer-songwriter (d. 1992)
144220December 23Birth1940 – Jorma Kaukonen, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna)
144221December 23Birth1940 – Robert Labine, Canadian politician
144222December 23Birth1940 – Eugene Record, American singer-songwriter and producer (The Chi-Lites) (d. 2005)
144223December 23Birth1941 – Peter Davis, English businessman
144224December 23Birth1941 – Tim Hardin, American singer-songwriter (d. 1980)
144225December 23Birth1941 – Serge Reding, Belgian weightlifter (d. 1975)
144226December 23Birth1942 – Quentin Bryce, Australian lawyer and politician, 25th Governor-General of Australia
144227December 23Birth1942 – John Peterman, American businessman, founded The J. Peterman Company
144228December 23Birth1943 – Ron Allen, American baseball player
144229December 23Birth1943 – Mikhail Leonidovich Gromov, Russian-French mathematician and academic
144230December 23Birth1943 – Elizabeth Hartman, American actress (d. 1987)
144231December 23Birth1943 – Harry Shearer, American actor, singer, producer, and screenwriter
144232December 23Birth1943 – Queen Silvia of Sweden
144233December 23Birth1944 – Wesley Clark, American general
144234December 23Birth1945 – Adly Mansour, Egyptian lawyer, judge, and politician, President of Egypt
144235December 23Birth1945 – Geoffrey Wheatcroft, English journalist and author
144236December 23Birth1946 – Edita Gruberová, Slovak soprano and actress
144237December 23Birth1946 – Susan Lucci, American actress
144238December 23Birth1946 – John Sullivan, English screenwriter, producer, and composer (d. 2011)
144239December 23Birth1946 – Ray Tabano, American guitarist (Aerosmith)
144240December 23Birth1947 – Graham Bonnet, English singer-songwriter (The Marbles, Rainbow, Anthem, and Michael Schenker Group)

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