Today in History, English
Today in History, English

24391March 4Birth1969 – Lacy Rose, American porn actress
24392March 4Birth1969 – Matt Tilley, Australian comedian and radio host
24393March 4Birth1969 – Annie Yi, Taiwanese singer and actress
24394March 4Birth1969 – Dawn Zulueta, Filipino actress
24395March 4Birth1970 – Andrea Bendewald, American actress
24396March 4Birth1970 – Àlex Crivillé, Spanish motorcycle racer
24397March 4Birth1970 – Edward Gal, Dutch horse rider
24398March 4Birth1970 – Caroline Vis, Dutch tennis player
24399March 4Birth1971 – Iain Baird, Canadian soccer player and manager
24400March 4Birth1971 – Claire Baker, Scottish politician
24401March 4Birth1971 – Jason Croot, English actor and director
24402March 4Birth1971 – Anders Kjølholm, Danish bass player (Volbeat)
24403March 4Birth1971 – Satoshi Motoyama, Japanese race car driver
24404March 4Birth1971 – Shavar Ross, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter
24405March 4Birth1971 – Jason Sellers, American singer-songwriter
24406March 4Birth1971 – Nick Stabile, American actor
24407March 4Birth1971 – Jovan Stanković, Serbian footballer and coach
24408March 4Birth1972 – Buck 65, Canadian rapper and producer (Bike for Three!)
24409March 4Birth1972 – Katherine Center, American journalist and author
24410March 4Birth1972 – Nocturno Culto, Norwegian singer-songwriter and guitarist (Darkthrone and Satyricon)
24411March 4Birth1972 – Ian Garbutt, English golfer
24412March 4Birth1972 – Giorgos Mazonakis, Greek singer
24413March 4Birth1972 – Brittney Powell, German-American actress
24414March 4Birth1972 – Ivy Queen, Puerto Rican-American singer-songwriter, producer, and actress
24415March 4Birth1972 – Robert Smith, American football player and sportscaster
24416March 4Birth1972 – Jos Verstappen, Dutch race car driver
24417March 4Birth1972 – Alison Wheeler, English singer-songwriter (The Beautiful South)
24418March 4Birth1973 – Massimo Brambilla, Italian footballer and coach
24419March 4Birth1973 – Phillip Daniels, American football player and coach
24420March 4Birth1973 – Sadik Harchaoui, Moroccan-Dutch civil servant and academic

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