Today in History, English
Today in History, English

24541March 4Birth1985 – Jake Buxton, English footballer
24542March 4Birth1985 – Hrvoje Čale, Croatian footballer
24543March 4Birth1985 – Guillermo Diaz Puerto Rican basketball player
24544March 4Birth1985 – Scott Michael Foster, American actor
24545March 4Birth1985 – Oliver Konsa, Estonian footballer
24546March 4Birth1985 – Mathieu Montcourt, French tennis player (d. 2009)
24547March 4Birth1985 – Chinedum Ndukwe, American football player
24548March 4Birth1985 – Whitney Port, American fashion designer and author
24549March 4Birth1985 – Jonas Troest, Danish footballer
24550March 4Birth1985 – Angela White, Australian porn actress
24551March 4Birth1986 – Filip Benko Swedish actor
24552March 4Birth1986 – Tom De Mul, Belgian footballer
24553March 4Birth1986 – Margo Harshman, American actress
24554March 4Birth1986 – Mike Krieger, Brazilian businessman, co-founded Instagram
24555March 4Birth1986 – K. Michelle, American singer-songwriter and pianist
24556March 4Birth1986 – Park Min-young, South Korean model and actress
24557March 4Birth1986 – Erin O'Kelley, American model, Miss North Carolina 2007
24558March 4Birth1986 – José Antonio Olvera, Mexican footballer
24559March 4Birth1986 – Siim Roops, Estonian footballer
24560March 4Birth1986 – Bohdan Shust, Ukrainian footballer
24561March 4Birth1986 – Dominic Telo, South African cricketer
24562March 4Birth1986 – Manu Vatuvei, New Zealand rugby player
24563March 4Birth1987 – Shraddha Das, Indian actress
24564March 4Birth1987 – Ben McKinley, Australian footballer
24565March 4Birth1987 – Tamzin Merchant, English actress and singer
24566March 4Birth1987 – William Njovu, Zambian footballer
24567March 4Birth1987 – Ahron Villena, Filipino actor
24568March 4Birth1987 – Cameron Wood, Australian footballer
24569March 4Birth1988 – Josh Bowman, English actor
24570March 4Birth1988 – Cody Longo, American actor and singer

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