Today in History, English
Today in History, English

25796March 7Birth1964 – Bret Easton Ellis, American author and screenwriter
25797March 7Birth1964 – Denyce Graves, American soprano
25798March 7Birth1964 – Andrew P. Mackenzie, British physicist
25799March 7Birth1964 – Wanda Sykes, American comedian, actress, and screenwriter
25800March 7Birth1965 – Jack Armstrong, American baseball player
25771March 7Birth1955 – Anupam Kher, Indian actor, singer, director, and producer
25772March 7Birth1955 – Tommy Kramer, American football player
25773March 7Birth1956 – Bryan Cranston, American actor, director, and producer
25774March 7Birth1956 – Andrea Levy, English author
25775March 7Birth1957 – Robert Harris, English journalist and author
25776March 7Birth1957 – Tomás Yarrington, Mexican economist and politician, Governor of Tamaulipas
25777March 7Birth1958 – Rick Bass, American author and activist
25778March 7Birth1958 – Rik Mayall, English comedian, actor, and screenwriter (d. 2014)
25779March 7Birth1958 – Merv Neagle, Australian footballer and coach (d. 2012)
25780March 7Birth1959 – Tom Lehman, American golfer
25781March 7Birth1959 – Donna Murphy, American actress and singer
25782March 7Birth1959 – Nick Searcy, American actor
25783March 7Birth1960 – Joe Carter, American baseball player and sportscaster
25784March 7Birth1960 – Ivan Lendl, Czech tennis player and coach
25785March 7Birth1960 – Jim Spivey, American runner and coach
25786March 7Birth1961 – Mary Beth Evans, American actress and producer
25787March 7Birth1961 – Mark Kumpel, American ice hockey player and coach
25788March 7Birth1961 – David Rutley, English businessman and politician
25789March 7Birth1962 – Irma Adlawan, Filipino actress
25790March 7Birth1962 – Taylor Dayne, American singer-songwriter and actress
25791March 7Birth1962 – Peter Manley, English darts player
25792March 7Birth1962 – Sergei Aleksandrovich Prikhodko, Russian footballer and manager
25793March 7Birth1963 – Bill Brochtrup, American actor
25794March 7Birth1963 – Mike Eagles, Canadian ice hockey player and coach
25795March 7Birth1963 – E. L. James, English author

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