Today in History, English
Today in History, English

21901February 26Birth1964 – Mark Dacascos, American actor and martial artist
21902February 26Birth1965 – James Mitchell, American wrestler and manager
21903February 26Birth1965 – Linnar Viik, Estonian computer and scholar
21904February 26Birth1966 – Garry Conille, Haitian physician and politician, 14th Prime Minister of Haiti
21905February 26Birth1966 – Marc Fortier, Canadian ice hockey player and coach
21906February 26Birth1966 – Najwa Karam, Lebanese singer-songwriter and producer
21907February 26Birth1967 – James Allodi, Canadian actor and director
21908February 26Birth1967 – Mark Carroll, Australian rugby player
21909February 26Birth1967 – Currie Graham, Canadian-American actor
21910February 26Birth1968 – Tim Commerford, American bass player and songwriter (Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave)
21911February 26Birth1968 – J. T. Snow, American baseball player and sportscaster
21912February 26Birth1968 – Ed Quinn, American actor
21913February 26Birth1969 – Steve Agee, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter
21914February 26Birth1969 – Hitoshi Sakimoto, Japanese composer and producer
21915February 26Birth1970 – Mark Harper, English accountant and politician, Minister of State for Immigration
21916February 26Birth1971 – Erykah Badu, American singer-songwriter, producer, and actress (Soulquarians)
21917February 26Birth1971 – Max Martin, Swedish-American singer-songwriter and producer (It's Alive)
21918February 26Birth1971 – Hélène Ségara, French singer-songwriter and actress
21919February 26Birth1972 – Jonny Quinn, Irish drummer (Snow Patrol)
21920February 26Birth1973 – Erinn Bartlett, American model and actress, Miss Teen USA 1991
21921February 26Birth1973 – Marshall Faulk, American football player and sportscaster
21922February 26Birth1973 – Ole Gunnar Solskjær, Norwegian footballer and manager
21923February 26Birth1973 – Jenny Thompson, American swimmer and anesthesiologist
21924February 26Birth1974 – Sébastien Loeb, French race car driver
21925February 26Birth1976 – Chad Urmston, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Dispatch and State Radio)
21926February 26Birth1977 – Calli Cox, American porn actress
21927February 26Birth1977 – Marty Reasoner, American ice hockey player and coach
21928February 26Birth1977 – Greg Rikaart, American actor
21929February 26Birth1977 – Tim Thomas, American basketball player
21930February 26Birth1977 – Josh Towers, American baseball player and sportscaster

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