Star Names
The following are a list of the star names in sorted alphabetical order. So if you're looking for an "S" name, this list makes it a little easier. Independent stars and constellations are shown with their name in boldface, with the number of stars in parentheses after the names

IDNameAlternate NamesConstellationMeaning
31AliothUrsa Majorblack horse / black bull
32AlkaidBenetnaschUrsa Majorthe leader / daughters of bier
33AlkaluropsBootesshepherd's crook
35AlmachAndromedathe weasel
36AlmeisanAlhenaGeminishining / the mark
37AlnilamOrionarrangment of pearls (middle of the belt)
38AlnitakOrionbelt (east)
39AlphardCor HydraeHydrasolitary / heart of the hydra
40AlpheratzSirrahAndromedathe horse or the navel
41AlsafiDracocooking tripod
43AltairAquilaflying one
45AludraCanis Majormaidenhood
46Alula AustralisUrsa Majorfirst leap of the gazelle
47Alula BorealisUrsa Majorfirst leap of the gazelle
48AlyaSerpensthe tail of a sheep
50Andromeda (5)Andromedaethe daughter of Cassiopeia
51AngetenarEridanuscurve of the river
52AnkaaPhoenix(a magical bird)
53AntaresScorpiusanti-Ares (rival of Mars)
54AntliaAntliaethe pump
55ApusApodisthe bird of paradise
56Aquarius (8)Aquariithe water carrier
57Aquila (5)Aqualaethe eagle
58Ara (2)Araethe altar
60Aries (5)Arietisthe ram

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