User installable mobile browsers
User installable mobile browsers

IDBrowserCreatorCurrent layout enginePlatformsSoftware licenseNotes
1360 Web BrowserDigital PokeiOS
2BOLT browserBitstream Inc.WebKitJava ME, BlackBerryProprietaryDiscontinued December 2011
3ChromeGoogleWebKit, BlinkAndroid, iOSFreeware under Google Chrome Terms of Service
4Cruiser BrowserAiromo Inc.WebKitiOSProprietary
5UC BrowserUC MobileU3 (based on Webkit)S60, Java ME, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile,BadaProprietary FreewareProxy-rendering in Java and Symbian. U3 engine in Android.
6ClassillaCameron KaiserClecko a modififedGeckoMac OS 8.6, Mac OS 9MPL/GPL/LGPLAlthough desktop, uses a mobile user agent by default due to the older machines it services.
7DeepfishMicrosoftWindows MobileProprietaryProxy-rendering browser (Discontinued)
8Dolphin BrowserMoboTapWebKitAndroid, iOS
9Firefox for mobileMozilla FoundationGeckoAndroid, Firefox OSMPLIncludes HTML5 support, Firefox Sync, add-ons support and tabbed browsing.
10ibisBrowseribis inc.Java enabled phones, Windows Mobile
11LinksTwibright LabsPlayStation PortableGPLUnofficial port, requires custom firmware
12Mercury BrowseriLegendSoft, Inc.Android, iOSFreeware
13MinimoMozilla FoundationGeckoLinux, Windows CEMPL/GPL/LGPLDiscontinued
14NetFrontACCESS Co., Ltd.NetFront, WebKitLinux, S60, BREW, Android, Windows Mobile, OthersProprietary
15Opera MiniOpera SoftwarePrestoJava ME, Android, Windows Mobile, iOS,BlackBerry, S60, OthersProprietarySupports most features of stand-alone Opera, but can run on less capable phones by offloading memory-intensive rendering to proxy server (based on Opera Mobile running on a server)
16Opera MobileOpera SoftwarePresto, BlinkAndroid, Maemo, BREW, S60, Windows MobileFrom version 14 it is based on Chromium.
17Pale MoonMoonchild ProductionsAndroidProprietary FreewareBuilt on Firefox code
18PixoSun Microsystems
20SkyfireSkyfire Labs, Inc.WebKit (ver 2.x+),Gecko (ver 1.x)Android, iOSSupports Flash and Ajax. As of 2010-12-31, it no longer supports Symbian OS or Windows Mobile
21SleipnirFenrir IncWebKitAndroid, iOS, Windows Mobile
23TeasharkJava MEProprietary Freeware
24TristitJava enabled phones, BlackBerry
25Vision Mobile BrowserNovarraJava ME, BREWProprietary
26WinWAPWinwap TechnologiesWindows MobileProprietary
27BrowserCreatorCurrent layout enginePlatformsSoftware licenseNotes

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