Mobile Browsers
Mobile Browsers

IDBrowserCreatorFOSSCurrent layout engineSoftware licenseNotes
1Amazon SilkAmazon.comSomeBlinkproprietary and LGPLUses split architecture whereby some processing is performed on Amazon's servers
2Android browserGoogleYesWebKitBSD and LGPLBrowser included with Android version 1.5 to version 4.1
3BlackBerry BrowserResearch in MotionSomeMango (ver 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 5.0) Webkit (ver 6.0+)proprietary and LGPL-
4BlazerPalmNoNetFrontproprietaryinstalled on all newer Palm Treos and PDAs
5ChromeGoogleSomeWebKit, Blink (versions 28+)Freeware under Google Chrome Terms of Service, but uses components from the Chromium (web browser) project.Installed as default on Google devices shipping with Android versions 4.2 or higher
6Dolphin BrowserMoboTapNoWebKitinstalled on all Bada
7Firefox for mobileMozillaYesGeckoMPLCurrently released for Android and Firefox OS devices
8Internet Explorer MobileMicrosoftNoTridentproprietaryon Windows Phone and Windows Mobile only
9Iris BrowserTorch MobileSomeWebKitproprietary and LGPLAcquired by Research in Motion - No longer supports Windows Mobile or Linux
10Kindle web browserAmazon.comNoNetFrontproprietaryLabeled "experimental"
11Myriad BrowserMyriad GroupSomeMagellan (ver. 6.X) Fugu (ver 7.X) WebKit (ver 9)proprietary and LGPLAcquired from Openwave in 2008
12NetFrontACCESS Co., Ltd.NoNetFrontproprietary-
13Nokia Series 40 BrowserNokiaSomeWebKitproprietary and LGPL-
14Obigo BrowserObigo ABSomeWebKit (to be released)proprietary and LGPL100% owned by Teleca AB
15Opera MiniOpera SoftwareNoPrestoproprietaryCapable of pre-processing webpages and reformating for small screens
16Opera MobileOpera SoftwareNoPresto, Blink (versions 15+)proprietaryCapable of reading HTML and can reformat for small screens
17PlayStation Portable web browserSonyNoNetFrontproprietary-
18Polaris BrowserInfraware Inc.SomeLumi (Ver. 6.X) WebKit (Ver. 7.X)proprietary and LGPLNokia, Samsung, LG Electronics, KYOCERA and other Smartphone and cellular phone in USA, China, Korea, etc.
19S60 web browserNokiaYesWebKitLGPLon S60 phones (predominantly Nokia)
20SafariApple Inc.SomeWebKit (WebCore)proprietary and LGPLon iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad)
21Skyfire Mobile BrowserSkyfireSomeWebKitproprietary and LGPLRenders Flash 10, Ajax and Silverlight content. Currently supports iOS and Android.
22uZard WebLogicplant Co., Ltd.NoMoRDAC (Mobile oriented Remote Display and Control)proprietaryon Samsung, LG Electronics and other smartphones and cellular phones in Korea
23WebOS BrowserPalmSomeWebKitproprietary and LGPLThe last WebOS, 3.0.5, was released on January 12, 2012
24BrowserCreatorFOSSCurrent layout engineSoftware licenseNotes

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