Partitive Expressions with U.N.

IDPartitive ExpressionExample Sentence
1a torrent of abuseThe manager was so angry that he let loose a torrent of abuse at his workers.
2a piece of adviceCan I offer you a piece of advice about investing your savings?
3a fit of angerHarry slapped his girlfriend in a fit of anger.
4a work of artEveryone says her garden’s a work of art, it’s so beautiful.
5a rasher of baconHow many rashers of bacon would you like with your breakfast?
6a glass of beerIf you drink more than two glasses of beer, you shouldn’t drive a car.
7a drop of bloodThere were two or three drops of blood on the carpet.
8a spot of botherI’m in a spot of bother because I can’t find my car keys, and I’m already late.
9a loaf of breadHow much does a loaf of bread cost in Japan?
10a pat of butterCould I have three pats of butter and some jam, please?
11a game of chessWe played three games of chess, and Bobby won all of them.
12a bar of chocolateIf you’re a good boy, I’ll give you a bar of chocolate.
13an item of clothingPut any items of clothing you no longer need into this box.
14a lump of coalThe kids found some lumps of coal beside the railway tracks, and took them home.
15a cup of coffeeThe first thing I do when I get to work is have a cup of coffee.
16an ear of cornEars of corn are usually steamed or boiled and then served with butter.
17a scrap of differenceWriting letters to corrupt politicians won’t make a scrap of difference to the way they behave.
18a speck of dustThey have no kids, and you won't find a speck of dust in their home.
19a scrap of evidenceThere wasn’t a scrap of evidence to prove he’d done it, but he was still sent to jail for life.
20an item of expenditureYou must have a receipt for every item of expenditure you want to claim.
21an article of faithFreedom of expression is an article of faith among truly democratic people.
22a morsel of foodThere wasn’t a morsel of food left in the house, so we had to go out for dinner.
23a breath of fresh airThe room was crowded and I felt faint so I went outside for a breath of fresh air.
24a piece of fruitEveryone should eat at least three pieces of fruit a day.
25a bit of funAfter working hard all day, we felt like having a bit of fun.
26a piece of furnitureWe need a piece of furniture that will look good in that empty corner.
27a clove of garlicTake two cloves of garlic, crush them, and then add them to the soup.
28a pane of glassYou have to be very careful when transporting panes of glass.
29a blade of grassThe ant walked all the way up the blade of grass, and then all the way down again.
30a pang of guiltWhen I saw my brother being punished for what I’d done, I felt a pang of guilt.

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