Interjections List
Interjections List

1ahexpressing pleasureAh, that feels good.
2ahexpressing realizationAh, now I understand.
3ahexpressing resignationAh well, it can't be helped.
4ahexpressing surpriseAh! I've won!
5alasexpressing grief or pityAlas, she's dead now.
6dearexpressing pityOh dear! Does it hurt?
7dearexpressing surpriseDear me! That's a surprise!
8ehasking for repetitionIt's hot today. / Eh? / I said it's hot today.
9ehexpressing enquiryWhat do you think of that, eh?
10ehexpressing surpriseEh! Really?
11ehinviting agreementLet's go, eh?
12erexpressing hesitationLima is the capital
13hello, hulloexpressing greetingHello John. How are you today?
14hello, hulloexpressing surpriseHello! My car's gone!
15heycalling attentionHey! look at that!
16heyexpressing surprise, joy etcHey! What a good idea!
17hiexpressing greetingHi! What's new?
18hmmexpressing hesitation, doubt or disagreementHmm. I'm not so sure.
19oh, oexpressing surpriseOh! You're here!
20oh, oexpressing painOh! I've got a toothache.
21oh, oexpressing pleadingOh, please say "yes"!
22ouchexpressing painOuch! That hurts!
23uhexpressing hesitationUh...I don't know the answer to that.
24uh-huhexpressing agreementShall we go? / Uh-huh.
25um, ummexpressing hesitation85 divided by 5
26wellexpressing surpriseWell I never!
27wellintroducing a remarkWell, what did he say?

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