Uncountable Nouns
Uncountable Nouns

IDWordDefinitionExample Sentence
1accessthe right to see or use somethingOnly a few people have access to this information.
2accommodationa place to live in or stay atDoes the company provide accommodation for the workers?
3adulthoodthe period of time when you're an adultYou'll have more freedom in adulthood, but more responsibilities too.
4advertisingthe business of making companies and products well-knownA lot of creative people work in advertising.
5advicesuggestions about what someone should doIf you're not sure what to do, ask your friends for advice.
6aggressionthe urge to attack or to fightIf he needs an outlet for his aggression, he could try boxing.
7aidmoney or help given to those who need itShould rich countries give more aid to poor countries?
8airthe mixture of gases surrounding the earthIf there's not enough air in the room, open a window.
9alcoholsubstance in drinks that makes people feel drunkWhiskey contains much more alcohol than beer.
10angera strong feeling we can get if we think we're being treated badlyWhy was someone with so much anger allowed to own a gun?
11applausethe sound of clapping after a performance or a speechAfter the concert, the applause went on for at least five minutes.
12arithmeticsimple mathematics like adding, multiplying, etc.I wanted to work in a bank because I was always good at arithmetic.
13artpaintings, sculpture, drawings, etc.If you want to learn about art, visit the national gallery.
14assistancehelp given to someoneAfter calling 911 for assistance, we waited for an ambulance.
15athleticstrack and field events, such as running and jumpingJenny's very good at athletics, and she's even won some medals.
16attentionfocus of awareness on something or someoneThe teacher found it difficult to get her students' attention.
17baconsmoked or salted meat from a pigWould you like some bacon with your scrambled eggs?
18baggagebags and suitcases used while travellingThe customs officer at the airport checked all my baggage.
19balleta style of dancing that tells a storyMy dad loved ballet, and he even took us to see Swan Lake.
20beautythe quality that makes people or things beautifulMany poets have been inspired by the beauty of nature.
21beefmeat from a cowI don't eat beef or pork, but I like fish and seafood.
22beeran alcoholic drink made with malt and hopsIt was a good party, but I think we drank too much beer.
23biologythe study of plants, animals and other living thingsIf you study biology, you'll learn how amazing life really is.
24bloodthe red liquid inside our bodiesBlood carries oxygen from the lungs to all the body's cells.
25botanythe study of plantsWhen I studied botany, we often collected plants from forests.
26breada common food that's made from wheat or other grainsI sliced a loaf of bread and then made some sandwiches.
27businessany money-making venture or activityBefore going into business, ask your father for some advice.
28buttera dairy food that's made from creamWould you like some butter on your toast?
29carbona chemical element that's in all living things (symbol C)Climate change occurs when there's too much carbon in the air.
30cardboardvery thick paper that's used to make boxesWe could get cardboard for our signs by cutting up old boxes.

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