Partitive Expressions with U.N.

IDPartitive ExpressionExample Sentence
31a lock of hairHe kept a lock of her hair in a small tin box with his other most precious possessions.
32a jar of honeyShe stuck her fingers into the jar of honey, and then slowly licked them clean.
33a glimmer of hopeThe president gave us a glimmer of hope when he promised to look into the issue.
34a sense of humourHe lacks a sense of humour, and his laughter never sounds real.
35a pang of hungerI felt a pang of hunger, and knew it must be getting close to lunchtime.
36a block of iceHow long do you think it’d take for this block of ice to melt?
37a scoop of ice creamYou don’t really need three scoops of ice cream on your apple pie, do you?
38a piece of informationThere was an important piece of information missing from the report.
39a plea of innocenceHe maintained his plea of innocence, even though everyone said he was guilty.
40a touch of ironyThere was often a touch of irony in his voice when he spoke.
41a jar of jamIf you leave a jar of jam open on the bench, the ants will find it.
42a glass of juiceI’d like a glass of juice, but only if the juice is freshly squeezed.
43an act of kindnessA simple act of kindness to a stranger is a wonderful thing.
44a piece of landMy grandfather bought this piece of land over a hundred years ago.
45a peal of laughterWe heard peals of laughter coming from her bedroom.
46a ray of lightAs dawn broke, rays of light rose from behind the mountains.
47a flash of lightningThe sky was lit up by flashes of lightning.
48a work of literaturePoems, plays, novels and short stories are all works of literature.
49a stroke of luckWas finding her there a stroke of luck, or did he know she’d be there?
50a piece of luggageYou can carry one small piece of luggage onto the plane.
51a case of measlesWas it really a case of measles, or another disease that looked like measles?
52a slice of meatPut one slice of meat into every sandwich, with some lettuce and tomato.
53a dose of medicineI was given a dose of medicine that tasted like liquid chalk.
54a bottle of milkEvery morning the milkman would leave two bottles of milk on our doorstep.
55a litre of milkHow many litres of milk do we need?
56a piece of musicThat was one of the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve ever heard!
57an item of newsWho decides if something becomes an item of news, or not?
58a litre of oilHow much does a litre of oil cost?
59a coat of paintThe house did look better after a coat of paint. But really it needed two or three coats.
60a piece of paperI wrote his number on a piece of paper and slipped it into my wallet.

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