Partitive Expressions with U.N.

IDPartitive ExpressionExample Sentence
61a crime of passionHis lawyer said it wasn’t premeditated murder, but a crime of passion.
62a dab of perfumeA couple of dabs of perfume on my neck, and I was ready to go.
63an abuse of powerUsing falsified evidence to justify a war is a criminal abuse of power.
64a shower of rainWe got caught in a shower of rain while walking to the station.
65a sign of respectIn many cultures, bowing to someone is a sign of respect.
66an act of revengeHe’d harmed many people in his life, so his murder was probably an act of revenge.
67a bowl of riceWould you like another bowl of rice?
68a grain of riceThere wasn’t a single grain of rice left in the village.
69a pile of rubbishWe found the bottles dumped in a pile of rubbish behind the factory.
70a glass of rumAfter drinking four or five glasses of rum, I felt sick.
71a pinch of saltAdd two or three pinches of salt as the water is coming to the boil. 
72a plate of seafoodHow many plates of seafood should we order for the party?
73a sense of shameI doubt he’s capable of feeling a sense of shame for what he’s done.
74a minute of silenceThere was a minute of silence before the game began.
75a wall of silenceThe fear of punishment created a wall of silence around the truth.
76a night of sleepI think I've had about three nights of sleep in the six weeks since our baby was born.
77a cloud of smokeAfter the riots, you could see clouds of smoke rising into the sky as buildings around the city burned.
78a fall of snowA heavy fall of snow left the whole landscape a glistening white.
79a cake of soapTalk about extravagant! She uses a new cake of soap each time she showers.
80a feeling of sorrowThere was a feeling of sorrow in the room as everyone thought about what had happened.
81a bowl of soupAs soon as we all sat down, she brought three big bowls of soup and three spoons.
82a lump of sugarThe was a little jar on the table full of lumps of sugar.
83a spoonful of sugarHow many spoonfuls of sugar do you like in your tea?
84a ray of sunshineBarry said his baby daughter was a little ray of sunshine in his life.
85a cup of teaDo you prefer a cup of tea with your breakfast, or a cup of coffee?
86a game of tennisIt’s just a game of tennis, so I don’t know why you’re getting so upset!
87a clap of thunderThe silence was shattered by two sudden, loud claps of thunder.
88a moment of timeIt was a moment of time that nobody who was there will ever forget.
89a grain of truthShe said there wasn’t a grain of truth in her husband’s story.
90an act of vengeanceThe police suspected the fire had been deliberately lit as an act of vengeance.

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