Partitive Expressions with U.N.

IDPartitive ExpressionExample Sentence
91an outbreak of violenceAfter years of injustice, outbreaks of violence were becoming more frequent.
92a drop of waterThe drop of water slowly grew, and then it fell from the tap.
93a sign of wealthThe signs of wealth that took him fifty years to earn hardly seemed worth it.
94an ear of wheatThe winning photograph is a close-up of a single ear of wheat.
95a shot of whiskeyAs soon as he sat down at the bar, Hunter downed a shot of whiskey.
96a gust of windA gust of wind grabbed the kite and swept it into an acrobatic loop.
97a glass of wineOur waiter knocked over two glasses of wine as he tried to set down a plate.
98a pearl of wisdomAfter stroking his beard and smiling, the guru dispensed a pearl of wisdom to his followers.
99a block of woodJam some blocks of wood behind its back wheels, or the truck will roll down the hill.
100a ball of woolIt’s just a tangle of wool now, but it was a ball of wool before our kitten found it.
101a day of workThe workers only get five or six dollars for a full day of work.

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