Uncountable Nouns
Uncountable Nouns

IDWordDefinitionExample Sentence
91grammarthe rules of a languageWe need activities that make learning grammar more interesting.
92grassa plant that's grown to cover ground in parks and gardensThe grass in the back yard's getting too long, so I'd better cut it.
93gratitudethe feeling of being thankfulRicardo expressed his gratitude to all those who'd helped him.
94griefa feeling of great sadnessMaria was overcome with grief when her sister died.
95groundthe surface of the earthWe lay with our backs on the ground and looked at the stars.
96guilta feeling of shame for doing something wrongDo politicians feel any guilt when they start a war to boost their popularity?
97gymnasticsa sport involving physical exercisesI really enjoyed watching the gymnastics at the Olympics.
98hairthe thin strands that grow on your headHarry's hair was long and blond when he was a teenager, but now it's short and gray.
99happinessthe feeling of being joyful or happyThey enjoyed many years of happiness together.
100hardwarethe solid parts of a computer systemYour hardware is fine, but you need to get some new software.
101harmdamage or injuryLuckily the storm didn't do any harm to our fruit tress.
102hatestrong dislike of someone or somethingTheir eyes were full of hate as they beat and kicked their victim.
103hatredstrong dislike of someone or somethingWhy do they feel so much hatred towards gay people?
104healththe state of your body and mindHis health improved a lot after he started exercising.
105heathigh temperatureThe heat from the fire kept us warm all night.
106heighthow tall something or someone isMy brother and I are around the same height.
107helpassistance given to someone in needHow much help did you get with your homework?
108homeworkschoolwork done at homeI did all my homework myself!
109honestythe quality of being honest, or of telling the truthAre you speaking with complete honesty about this?
110honeya sweet food found in beehivesWould you like some honey on your toast?
111hospitalitywelcoming behaviour towards visitorsWe were amazed by the hospitality of the people in the village.
112houseworkcleaning, washing and cooking done at homeDoes your husband do much of the housework?
113humourthe quality that makes something funnyEven though it was a serious movie, it had moments of humour.
114hungerthe feeling you get when your body needs foodBy 2 o'clock in the afternoon, I was feeling pangs of hunger.
115hydrogena gas that can't be seen or smelled (symbol H)Hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water.
116icefrozen waterWould you like some ice in your drink?
117ice creama frozen dessert foodIf I eat too much ice cream, I start to put on weight.
118importancethe degree to which something is importantThe research shows the importance of regular exercise.
119inflationrising pricesInflation has made everything more expensive than before.
120informationfacts about something or someoneDo you think the information on this website is accurate?

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