Uncountable Nouns
Uncountable Nouns

IDWordDefinitionExample Sentence
121injusticeunfair treatmentNelson Mandela spent most of his life fighting injustice.
122innocencethe fact of not being guilty of a crimeDespite their innocence, many good people were sent to jail.
123intelligencethe ability to think about complex ideasDo you think IQ tests really measure intelligence?
124irona strong metal (symbol Fe)In ancient Rome, knives and spear tips were made of iron.
125ironyhumour in which someone says the opposite of what they really meanAs we stood in the rain, Julie said, with much irony, "Lovely weather, isn't it?"
126jamsweet food made from fruit and spread on breadCan I have some strawberry jam on my toast, please?
127jealousya bad feeling experienced if we think someone we love wants someone elseIf she even looks at another guy, her boyfriend goes crazy with jealousy.
128jelly(British)a dessert made with gelatineMum made some red jelly for dessert.
129jelly (USA)sweet food made from fruit and spread on breadCan I have one of your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?
130joya feeling of great happinessWhen I held our first baby, tears of joy ran down my cheeks.
131judoa martial art that employs throws and holdsDid you know that judo is an Olympic sport now?
132juiceany liquid that's squeezed from fruitEvery morning I have a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice.
133justicethe fair treatment of peopleThose boys who were jailed for a crime they didn't commit are still waiting for justice.
134karatea martial art that employs kicks and punchesMy brother has a black belt in karate, so don't bully me!
135kindnessthe quality of being kind to other living thingsIf you speak and act with kindness, everyone will like you.
136knowledgefacts and information known by someoneWe all need the knowledge and skills that an education provides.
137labourwork, especially physical workDoes this price include the cost of labour?
138lacka shortage of somethingThe lack of English-speaking workers is a problem.
139landan area of groundHow much of this land can be used for farming?
140laughterthe act or the sound of laughingThere's always a lot of laughter in Maria's classes.
141lavahot, molten rockLook at all that lava coming down the side of the volcano!
142leatheranimal skin used for making clothes, bags, etc.If you're going to ride a motorbike, wear a leather jacket.
143leisurefree time, or things you do in your free timeHer favourite leisure activities are reading and playing tennis.
144lightningflashes of light in the sky during a stormDid you see all the lightning during the storm last night?
145linguisticsthe study of languageIf you study linguistics, you'll learn all about language and how it works.
146literaturenovels, short stories, poetry, etc.English literature was my favourite subject at school.
147litterrubbish dropped in public placesPeople who leave their litter behind are lazy and selfish.
148livestockanimals that are kept on a farmAre you sure the livestock on this farm is well-treated?
149logicreasoned thoughtCan you explain the logic behind your decision?
150lonelinessunhappiness caused by being aloneShe lives by herself, but she doesn't suffer from loneliness.

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