Uncountable Nouns
Uncountable Nouns

IDWordDefinitionExample Sentence
151lovea very strong feeling of affectionHow many different kinds of love can you think of?
152luckgood fortuneKim never seems to have much luck when she gambles.
153luggagebags and suitcases used while travellingCan I leave my luggage here while I go to the bathroom?
154machineryseveral machines, esp. large onesWe'll have to buy a lot of new machinery for the factory.
155magica mysterious power, or a magician's tricksYou don't really believe in the power of magic, do you?
156mailletters and parcels sent by postWho collects your mail while you're away?
157managementthe job of running an organisation or businessWithout good management, a company won't last long.
158mankindall the people in the worldHe says mankind's biggest challenge is global warming.
159marblea type of stone used for buildingIs this floor really made of Italian marble?
160mathematicsthe study of numbers and shapesIf you want to be an engineer, you'll have to study mathematics.
161mayonnaisea thick white sauce eaten with saladsDo you want some mayonnaise on your salad sandwich?
162measlesa type of diseaseHis body was covered in red spots, so we thought he had measles.
163meatanimal or bird flesh eaten as foodDid you buy this meat from our local butcher?
164metala hard substance, like iron or goldBicycle frames are usually made of light-weight metal.
165methanea colourless gas that's used as a fuelIs it possible to run a car on methane?
166milkthe liquid that baby mammals get from their mothersHow many litres of milk do you drink every day?
167moneywhat you earn from work, and then spend or saveI'm trying to save enough money to buy a car.
168mudsoft, wet earthI fell over and got mud all over my clothes.
169musicorganised sound made for enjoymentWhat sort of music do you like?
170natureall living things and the habitats that sustain themThe beauty of nature has inspired many artists and poets.
171newsinformation about recent eventsMy dad watches the news on TV every night.
172nitrogenone of the gases in our atmosphere (symbol N)Did you know that you can't see or smell nitrogen?
173nonsenseanything that isn't true or sensibleYou don't believe all that nonsense about ghosts, do you?
174nurturethe care given to a growing person or animalParents are responsible for the nurture of their young.
175nutritionfood the body needs for healthIf we eat for nutrition instead of taste, we'll all be healthier.
176obediencedoing what someone tells you to doMilitary commanders expect obedience from their troops.
177obesitythe condition of being too fatDiseases caused by obesity kill millions of people every year.
178oila dark liquid from under the groundSaudi Arabia makes a lot of money from selling oil.
179oxygena chemical element in air and water (symbol O)When you breathe in, your body gets oxygen from the air.
180papermaterial used for writing on or wrappingHow many sheets of paper do you need?

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