Uncountable Nouns
Uncountable Nouns

IDWordDefinitionExample Sentence
181passiona very strong feelingPeople on both sides of the debate spoke with passion.
182pastaan Italian food made from flour and waterSpaghetti, ravioli and lasagna are different types of pasta.
183patiencethe ability to wait without getting angry or upsetAfter waiting an hour to see a doctor, I ran out of patience and left.
184permissionthe right to do something you can't normally doYou'll need permission from the boss if you want to leave early.
185physicsthe scientific study of matter and energyThese new theories in physics are difficult to understand.
186poetryliterature in the form of poems and versesHave you ever read the poetry of Walt Whitman?
187pollutionwaste products that damage the environmentMost air pollution comes from cars and factories.
188povertythe state of being very poorMillions of people are still living in poverty.
189powerthe ability to control people or thingsThe police have the power to arrest and charge people.
190pridethe feeling you have when you, or someone close to you, does something specialWe watched with pride as our son was awarded his medal.
191productionthe process of making or growing thingsRice production has increased this year.
192progressimprovement or developmentI hope you're making progress in your English.
193pronunciationthe sounds made when speaking a languageYour pronunciation of English is excellent.
194psychologythe study of the mindMy sister wants to study psychology.
195publicityattention given to something in newspapers, TV, etc.The royal wedding got a lot of publicity in the media.
196punctuationsmall marks used when writing, like commas and question marksGood punctuation will make your writing easier to read.
197qualitythe standard of something, or how good it isGood quality shoes last longer than shoes of poor quality.
198quantitythe amount of something, or the number of thingsThe police found a large quantity of stolen goods in the house.
199quartza very hard rockQuartz is often used in high-quality watches and clocks.
200racismthe belief that some races of people are better than othersRacism is still a problem in many parts of the world.
201rainwater that falls from clouds in the skyAll the farmers in our village are praying for rain.
202recreationthe things you do for fun or pleasureOur students want less homework and more time for recreation.
203relaxationa state of rest or low stressMeditation is one of the best techniques for relaxation.
204reliabilitythe quality of being unlikely to failThe main selling points for this car are its safety and reliability.
205researchwork done to find or discover knowledgeBefore writing his book, he put a lot of time into research.
206respectadmiration for someoneChildren in Asia have a lot of respect for their teachers.
207revengeacts done to punish someone who has hurt youThe kids got together and planned their revenge on the bully.
208ricea type of grainHow much rice do you think we need to cook for the stir-fry?
209roomthe space needed for somethingDo you think there's enough room for a piano in here?
210rubbishthings you don't need and throw awayPut any rubbish in that bin over there.

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