Uncountable Nouns
Uncountable Nouns

IDWordDefinitionExample Sentence
241sunshinelight from the sunWe need a few minutes of sunshine every day to stay healthy.
242symmetryperfect balance in design or formThe more symmetry there is in a face, the more beautiful it is.
243teaa drink made by adding boiling water to dried plant partsWould you like a cup of peppermint tea?
244tennisgame played on a court with racquets and ballsMy grandma is too old for tennis, but she still plays golf.
245thirstthe feeling you get when your body needs waterNo matter how bad your thirst gets, don't drink sea water!
246thundera loud sound heard during a stormThere was a flash of lightning, and then a crack of thunder.
247timberwood for building and for making furnitureThe frame is made of timber, but the walls are made of brick.
248timeduration as measured by clocksHow much time do you spend at your computer every day?
249toastslices of bread that have been cooked in a toasterWould you prefer jam or honey on your toast?
250tolerancethe ability to accept beliefs and behaviour that differ from our ownParents and teachers should encourage tolerance among children.
251tradethe buying and selling of goods and servicesHow much is our trade with African countries worth?
252trafficall the cars and other vehicles using a roadThe traffic on Main Street is always bad in the morning.
253transportationthe moving of goods and people from place to placeDon't forget the cost of transportation from the airport.
254travelgoing to other places, esp. distant placesHow much travel will the job require?
255trustthe belief that someone is honestA company that betrays a customer's trust won't last long.
256understandingknowledge about something or someoneThe classes will improve your understanding of grammar.
257underwearclothing worn under other clothesDon't forget to take plenty of underwear on the trip.
258unemploymentthe lack of paid workUnemployment is a serious problem in many countries.
259unitythe state of forming one unitCollege initiation rituals are meant to create unity in the group.
260usagehow, or how much, something is usedInternet usage in China has increased a lot this year.
261validitythe state of being acceptable, legally or logicallyThe officials checked the validity of everyone's passport.
262vealmeat from a calfAfter petting a young calf, my son said he wouldn't eat veal any more.
263vegetationplants and treesElephants can eat many different kinds of vegetation.
264vegetarianismthe practice of only eating plant-based foodsMy doctor explained all the health benefits of vegetarianism.
265vengeancethe act of punishing somebody who has hurt youThese two families have been carrying out acts of vengeance on each other for fifty years.
266violenceactions meant to hurt or killBoth families want to end the violence, but they don't know how to.
267visionthe ability to seeThe injury to his eye limited his vision.
268vitalityenergy and enthusiasmIn their performance, all the dancers showed great vitality.
269warmththe state, or the feeling, of mild heatWe lay on the sand feeling the warmth of the sun on our bodies.
270watera clear liquid that we have to drinkIs the water here safe to drink?

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