Uncountable Nouns
Uncountable Nouns

IDWordDefinitionExample Sentence
271wealthmoney and other valuable thingsHis only goal in life was to accumulate more and more wealth.
272weatherlocal conditions, incl. temperature and rainfallThe weather here is always beautiful in spring.
273weighthow heavy a person or an object isIf I eat too much, I'll start putting on weight.
274welfarethe health and well-being of people or animalsA government's main responsibility is the welfare of its people.
275wheata grain that's used for making breadEvery year we export millions of tons of wheat.
276whiskeya strong alcoholic drinkHow many glasses of whiskey did you drink?
277widththe distance from one side to the otherThe pool's length is 100 metres, and the width is 20 metres.
278wildlifeanimals and other living things in their natural habitatsDo you think shooting wildlife should be called a sport?
279winean alcoholic drink made from grapesShall we have a bottle of wine with our meal?
280wisdomknowledge of life that's gained from experienceThere was a lot of wisdom in what our grandmother said.
281woodthe hard material in treesIs Jenny's new dining table made of wood?
282woolthick hair that grows on sheepHow much wool grows on a sheep in one year?
283worka job done for money, or any productive activityTry to find work doing something you love doing.
284yeasta fungus used to make bread, wine and beerIf you don't add yeast to the dough, the bread won't rise.
285yogaa system of techniques for body and mind controlYoga has been practised in India for thousands of years.
286youththe time, or the state, of being youngIs it better to spend one's youth travelling or studying?
287zinca chemical element (symbol Zn)Zinc is an important trace element, especially for men.
288zoologythe scientific study of animalsZoology is one of the most interesting branches of biology.

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