Phrasal Verbs
Phrasal Verbs

IDPhrasal VerbMeaningExample Sentence
31catch upget to the same point as someone elseYou'll have to run faster than that if you want to catch up with Marty.
32check inarrive and register at a hotel or airportWe will get the hotel keys when we check in.
33check outleave a hotelYou have tocheck out of the hotel before 11:00 AM.
34checksomeone/somethingoutlook at carefully, investigateThe companychecks out all new employees.
35check outsomeone/somethinglook at (informal)Check out the crazy hair on that guy!
36cheer upbecome happierShe cheered upwhen she heard the good news.
37cheer someone upmake happierI brought you some flowers tocheer you up.
38chip inhelpIf everyonechips in we can get the kitchen painted by noon.
39clean something uptidy, cleanPlease clean upyour bedroom before you go outside.
40come acrosssomethingfind unexpectedlyI came acrossthese old photos when I was tidying the closet.
41come apartseparateThe top and bottom come apart if you pull hard enough.
42come down withsomethingbecome sickMy nephewcame down with chicken pox this weekend.
43come forwardvolunteer for a task or to give evidenceThe womancame forwardwith her husband's finger prints.
44come fromsomewhereoriginate inThe art of origami comes from Asia.
45count onsomeone/somethingrely onI am counting on you to make dinner while I am out.
46cross something outdraw a line throughPlease cross out your old address and write your new one.
47cut back onsomethingconsume lessMy doctor wants me to cut back on sweets and fatty foods.
48cut something downmake something fall to the groundWe had to cutthe old tree in our yard downafter the storm.
49cut ininterruptYour father cut in while I was dancing with your uncle.
50cut inpull in too closely in front of another vehicleThe bus driver got angry when that car cut in.
51cut instart operating (of an engine or electrical device)The air conditioner cuts in when the temperature gets to 22°C.
52cut something offremove with something sharpThe doctors cut off his leg because it was severely injured.
53cut something offstop providingThe phone company cut offour phone because we didn't pay the bill.
54cut someone offtake out of a willMy grandparentscut my fatheroff when he remarried.
55cut something outremove part of something (usually with scissors and paper)I cut this ad outof the newspaper.
56dosomeone/somethingoverbeat up, ransack (BrE, informal)He's lucky to be alive. His shop was done overby a street gang.
57do something overdo again (AmE)My teacher wants me to domy essay overbecause she doesn't like my topic.
58do away withsomethingdiscardIt's time to do away with all of these old tax records.
59do something upfasten, closeDo your coat upbefore you go outside. It's snowing!
60dress upwear nice clothingIt's a fancy restaurant so we have to dress up.

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