Phrasal Verbs
Phrasal Verbs

IDPhrasal VerbMeaningExample Sentence
91get upget out of bedI got up early today to study for my exam.
92get upstandYou should get up and give the elderly man your seat.
93give someone awayreveal hidden information about someoneHis wife gavehim away to the police.
94give someone awaytake the bride to the altarMy father gaveme away at my wedding.
95give something awayruin a secretMy little sistergave the surprise partyaway by accident.
96give something awaygive something to someone for freeThe library wasgiving away old books on Friday.
97give something backreturn a borrowed itemI have to givethese skatesback to Franz before his hockey game.
98give inreluctantly stop fighting or arguingMy boyfriend didn't want to go to the ballet, but he finally gave in.
99give something outgive to many people (usually at no cost)They weregiving out free perfume samples at the department store.
100give something upquit a habitI am giving upsmoking as of January 1st.
101give upstop tryingMy maths homework was too difficult so Igave up.
102go after someonefollow someoneMy brother tried to go after the thief in his car.
103go after somethingtry to achieve somethingI went after my dream and now I am a published writer.
104go against someonecompete, opposeWe are going against the best soccer team in the city tonight.
105go aheadstart, proceedPlease go ahead and eat before the food gets cold.
106go backreturn to a placeI have to go back home and get my lunch.
107go outleave home to go on a social eventWe're going outfor dinner tonight.
108go out with someonedateJesse has beengoing out withLuke since they met last winter.
109go over somethingreviewPlease go overyour answers before you submit your test.
110go overvisit someone nearbyI haven't seen Tina for a long time. I think I'llgo over for an hour or two.
111go withoutsomethingsuffer lack or deprivationWhen I was young, we went without winter boots.
112grow apartstop being friends over timeMy best friend and I grew apart after she changed schools.
113grow backregrowMy roses grew back this summer.
114grow upbecome an adultWhen Jackgrows up he wants to be a fireman.
115grow out ofsomethingget too big forElizabeth needs a new pair of shoes because she has grown out of her old ones.
116grow into somethinggrow big enough to fitThis bike is too big for him now, but he shouldgrow into it by next year.
117hand somethingdowngive something used to someone elseI handed my old comic booksdown to my little cousin.
118hand something insubmitI have to hand in my essay by Friday.
119hand something outto distribute to a group of peopleWe will hand out the invitations at the door.
120hand something overgive (usually unwillingly)The police asked the man tohand over his wallet and his weapons.

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