Phrasal Verbs
Phrasal Verbs

IDPhrasal VerbMeaningExample Sentence
121hang instay positive (informal)Hang in there. I'm sure you'll find a job very soon.
122hang onwait a short time (informal)Hang on while I grab my coat and shoes!
123hang outspend time relaxing (informal)Instead of going to the party we are just going tohang out at my place.
124hang upend a phone callHe didn't say goodbye before he hung up.
125holdsomeone/somethingbackprevent from doing/goingI had to holdmy dog backbecause there was a cat in the park.
126hold something backhide an emotionJamie held backhis tears at his grandfather's funeral.
127hold onwait a short timePlease hold onwhile I transfer you to the Sales Department.
128hold ontosomeone/somethinghold firmly using your hands or armsHold onto your hat because it's very windy outside.
129holdsomeone/somethinguprobA man in a black mask held the bank up this morning.
130keep on doingsomethingcontinue doingKeep on stirring until the liquid comes to a boil.
131keep something fromsomeonenot tellWe kept our relationshipfrom our parents for two years.
132keepsomeone/somethingoutstop from enteringTry to keep the wet dog out of the living room.
133keep something upcontinue at the same rateIf you keepthose results upyou will get into a great college.
134let someone downfail to support or help, disappointI need you to be on time. Don'tlet me downthis time.
135let someone inallow to enterCan you let the cat in before you go to school?
136log in (or on)sign in (to a website, database etc)I can't log in to Facebook because I've forgotten my password.
137log out (or off)sign out (of a website, database etc)If you don't log off somebody could get into your account.
138look aftersomeone/somethingtake care ofI have to look after my sick grandmother.
139look down onsomeonethink less of, consider inferiorEver since we stole that chocolate bar your dad haslooked down on me.
140look forsomeone/somethingtry to findI'm looking fora red dress for the wedding.
141look forward tosomethingbe excited about the futureI'm looking forward to the Christmas break.
142look into somethinginvestigateWe are going tolook into the price of snowboards today.
143look outbe careful, vigilant, and take noticeLook out! That car's going to hit you!
144look out forsomeone/somethingbe especially vigilant forDon't forget tolook out forsnakes on the hiking trail.
145look something overcheck, examineCan you look over my essay for spelling mistakes?
146look something upsearch and find information in a reference book or databaseWe can look her phone numberup on the Internet.
147look up to someonehave a lot of respect forMy little sister has alwayslooked up to me.
148make something upinvent, lie about somethingJosie made up a story about why we were late.
149make upforgive each otherWe were angry last night, but we made up at breakfast.
150make someone upapply cosmetics toMy sisters mademe up for my graduation party.

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