En İyi Film Kurgusu - XML

11934Eskimo/Mala The Magnificent (see Ray Mala) - Conrad A. Nervig
21934Cleopatra - Anne Bauchens
31934One Night of Love - Gene Milford
41935A Midsummer Night's Dream - Ralph Dawson
51935David Copperfield - Robert J. Kern
61935The Informer - George Hively
71935Les Misérables - Barbara McLean
81935Lives of a Bengal Lancer - Ellsworth Hoagland
91935Mutiny on the Bounty - Margaret Booth
101936Anthony Adverse - Ralph Dawson
111936Come and Get It - Edward Curtiss
121936The Great Ziegfeld - William S. Gray
131936Lloyd's of London - Barbara McLean
141936A Tale of Two Cities - Conrad A. Nervig
151936Theodora Goes Wild - Otto Meyer (Film Editor)
161937Lost Horizon - Gene Havlick, Gene Milford
171937The Awful Truth - Al Clark
181937Captains Courageous - Elmo Vernon
191937The Good Earth - Basil Wrangell
201937One Hundred Men and a Girl - Bernard W. Burton
211938The Adventures of Robin Hood - Ralph Dawson
221938Alexander's Ragtime Band - Barbara McLean
231938The Great Waltz - Tom Held
241938Test Pilot - Tom Held
251938You Can't Take It with You - Gene Havlick
261939Gone with the Wind - Hal C. Kern, James E. Mewcom
271939Goodbye, Mr. Chips - Charles Frend
281939Mr. Smith Goes to Washington - Gene Havlick, Al Clark
291939The Rains Came - Barbara McLean
301939Stagecoach - Otho Lovering, Dorothy Spencer

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