En İyi Görsel Efekt - XML

11939The Rains Came
21939Gone with the Wind
31939Only Angels Have Wings
41939The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex
51939Topper Takes a Trip
61939Union Pacific
71939The Wizard of Oz
81940The Thief of Bagdad
91940The Blue Bird
101940Boom Town
111940The Boys from Syracuse
121940Dr. Cyclops
131940Foreign Correspondent
141940The Invisible Man Returns
151940The Long Voyage Home
161940One Million B.C.
181940The Sea Hawk
191940Swiss Family Robinson
211940Women in War
221941I Wanted Wings
231941Aloma of the South Seas
241941Flight Command
251941The Invisible Woman
261941The Sea Wolf
271941That Hamilton Woman
281941Topper Returns
291941A Yank in the RAF
301942Reap the Wild Wind

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