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11928Emil Jannings - The Last Command - "Gen. Dolgorucki/Grand Duke Sergius Alexander" ve The Way of All Flesh - "August Schilling"
21928Richard Barthelmess - The Noose - "Nicky Elkins" and The Patent Leather Kid - "the Patent Leather Kid"
31928Charlie Chaplin - The Circus - "The Little Tramp"
41929Warner Baxter - In Old Arizona - "The Cisco Kid"
51929George Bancroft - Thunderbolt - "Thunderbolt Jim Lang"
61929Chester Morris - Alibi - "Chick Williams (No. 1065)"
71929Paul Muni - The Valiant - "James Dyke"
81929Lewis Stone - The Patriot - "Count Pahlen"
91930George Arliss - Disraeli - Benjamin Disraeli
101930George Arliss - The Green Goddess - "The Raja of Rukh"
111930Wallace Beery - The Big House - "'Machine Gun' Butch Schmidt"
121930Maurice Chevalier - The Big Pond - "Pierre Mirande" and The Love Parade - "Count Alfred Renard"
131930Ronald Colman - Bulldog Drummond - "Captain Hugh "Bulldog" Drummond" and Condemned - "Michel"
141930Lawrence Tibbett - The Rogue Song - "Yegor"
151931Lionel Barrymore - A Free Soul - "Stephen Ashe, Defense Attorney"
161931Adolphe Menjou - The Front Page - "Walter Burns"
171931Jackie Cooper - Skippy - "Skippy Skinner"
181931Richard Dix - Cimarron - "Yancey Cravat"
191931Fredric March - The Royal Family of Broadway - "Tony Cavendish"
201932Fredric March - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - "Dr. Henry L. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde" ve Wallace Beery - The Champ - "Champ"
211932Alfred Lunt - The Guardsman - "The Actor"
221933Charles Laughton - The Private Life of Henry VIII - Kral Henry VIII
231933Leslie Howard - Berkeley Square - "Peter Standish"
241933Paul Muni - I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang - "James Allen/Allen James"
251934Clark Gable - It Happened One Night - "Peter Warne"
261934Frank Morgan - The Affairs of Cellini - Alessandro de' Medici, Duke of Florence
271934William Powell - The Thin Man - "Nick Charles"
281935Victor McLaglen - The Informer - "Gypo Nolan"
291935Clark Gable - Mutiny on the Bounty - Fletcher Christian
301935Charles Laughton - Mutiny on the Bounty - William Bligh

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