En İyi Kısa Belgesel Film - XML

11941Churchill's Island - National Film Board of Canada
21941Adventure in the Bronx
41941Christmas Under Fire
51941A Letter from Home
61941Life of a Thoroughbred
71941Norway in Revolt
81941Soldiers of the Sky
91941War Clouds in the Pacific
101942Ödül verilmedi
111942December 7th - United States Navy
121942Children of Mars
131942Plan for Destruction
141942Swedes in America
151942To the People of the United States
161942Tomorrow We Fly
171942Youth in Crisis
181944With the Marines at Tarawa - United States Marine Corps
191944Hymn of the Nations
201944New Americans
211945Hitler Lives - Gordon Hollingshead, Yapımcı
221945Library of Congress
231945To the Shores of Iwo Jima
241946Seeds of Destiny - United States Department of War
251946Atomic Power
261946Life at the Zoo
271946Paramount News Issue#37
281946Traffic with the Devil
291947First Steps - United Nations Division of Films ve Visual Information
301947Passport to Nowhere

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