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11927/1928Drama - Frank Borzage, Seventh HeavenHerbert Brenon - Sorrell and Son, King Vidor - The Crowd
21927/1928Komedi -Lewis Milestone, Two Arabian KnightsCharles Chaplin - The Circus, Ted Wilde - Speedy
31928/1929Frank Lloyd, The Divine LadyLionel Barrymore - Madame X, Harry Beaumont - The Broadway Melody, Irving Cummings - In Old Arizona, Frank Lloyd - Weary River and Drag, Ernst Lubitsch - The Patriot
41929/1930Lewis Milestone, All Quiet on the Western FrontClarence Brown - Anna Christie, Clarence Brown - Romance, Robert Z. Leonard - The Divorcée, Ernst Lubitsch - The Love Parade, King Vidor - Hallelujah
51930/1931Norman Taurog, SkippyClarence Brown - A Free Soul, Lewis Milestone - The Front Page, Wesley Ruggles - Cimarron, Josef von Sternberg - Morocco
61931/1932Frank Borzage, Bad GirlKing Vidor - The Champ, Josef von Sternberg - Shanghai Express
71932/1933Frank Lloyd, CavalcadeFrank Capra - Lady for a Day, George Cukor - Little Women
81934Frank Capra, It Happened One NightVictor Schertzinger - One Night of Love, W. S. Van Dyke - The Thin Man
91935John Ford, The InformerHenry Hathaway - The Lives of a Bengal Lancer, Frank Lloyd - Mutiny on the Bounty
101936Frank Capra, Mr. Deeds Goes to TownGregory La Cava - My Man Godfrey, Robert Z. Leonard - The Great Ziegfeld, W. S. Van Dyke - San Francisco, William Wyler - Dodsworth
111937Leo McCarey, The Awful TruthWilliam Dieterle - The Life of Emile Zola, Sidney Franklin - The Good Earth, Gregory La Cava - Stage Door, William A. Wellman - Bir Yıldız Doğuyor
121938Frank Capra, You Can't Take It with YouMichael Curtiz - Angels with Dirty Faces, Michael Curtiz - Four Daughters, Norman Taurog - Boys Town, King Vidor - The Citadel
131939Victor Fleming, Gone with the WindFrank Capra - Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, John Ford - Stagecoach, Sam Wood - Goodbye, Mr. Chips, William Wyler - Wuthering Heights
141940John Ford, The Grapes of WrathGeorge Cukor - The Philadelphia Story, Alfred Hitchcock - Rebecca, Sam Wood - Kitty Foyle, William Wyler - The Letter
151941John Ford, How Green Was My ValleyAlexander Hall - Here Comes Mr. Jordan, Howard Hawks - Sergeant York, Orson Welles - Citizen Kane, William Wyler - The Little Foxes
161942William Wyler, Mrs. MiniverMichael Curtiz - Yankee Doodle Dandy, John Farrow - Wake Island, Mervyn LeRoy - Random Harvest, Sam Wood - Kings Row
171943Michael Curtiz, CasablancaClarence Brown - The Human Comedy, Henry King - The Song of Bernadette, Ernst Lubitsch - Heaven Can Wait, George Stevens - The More the Merrier
181944Leo McCarey, Yolumda GiderkenAlfred Hitchcock - Lifeboat, Henry King - Wilson, Otto Preminger - Laura, Billy Wilder - Double Indemnity
191945Billy Wilder, The Lost WeekendClarence Brown - National Velvet, Alfred Hitchcock - Spellbound, Leo McCarey - The Bells of St. Mary's, Jean Renoir - The Southerner
201946William Wyler, The Best Years of Our LivesClarence Brown - The Yearling, Frank Capra - It's a Wonderful Life, David Lean - Brief Encounter, Robert Siodmak - The Killers
211947Elia Kazan, Centilmenlik AnlaşmasıGeorge Cukor - A Double Life, Edward Dmytryk - Crossfire, Henry Koster - The Bishop's Wife, David Lean - Great Expectations
221948John Huston, The Treasure of the Sierra MadreAnatole Litvak - The Snake Pit, Jean Negulesco - Johnny Belinda, Laurence Olivier - Hamlet, Fred Zinnemann - The Search
231949Joseph L. Mankiewicz, A Letter to Three WivesCarol Reed - The Fallen Idol, Robert Rossen - All the King's Men, William A. Wellman - Battleground, William Wyler - The Heiress
241950Joseph L. Mankiewicz, All About EveGeorge Cukor - Born Yesterday, John Huston - The Asphalt Jungle, Carol Reed - The Third Man, Billy Wilder - Sunset Boulevard
251951George Stevens, A Place in the SunJohn Huston - The African Queen, Elia Kazan - A Streetcar Named Desire, Vincente Minnelli - An American in Paris, William Wyler - Detective Story
261952John Ford, The Quiet ManCecil B. DeMille - The Greatest Show on Earth, John Huston - Moulin Rouge, Joseph L. Mankiewicz - 5 Fingers, Fred Zinnemann - High Noon
271953Fred Zinnemann, From Here to EternityGeorge Stevens - Shane, Charles Walters - Lili, Billy Wilder - Stalag 17, William Wyler - Roman Holiday
281954Elia Kazan, On the WaterfrontAlfred Hitchcock - Rear Window, George Seaton - Taşralı Kız, William A. Wellman - The High and the Mighty, Billy Wilder - Sabrina
291955Delbert Mann, MartyElia Kazan - East of Eden, David Lean - Summertime, Joshua Logan - Picnic, John Sturges - Bad Day at Black Rock
301956George Stevens, GiantMichael Anderson - Around the World in Eighty Days, Walter Lang - The King and I, King Vidor - War and Peace, William Wyler - Friendly Persuasion

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