En İyi Belgesel Film - XML

11942The Battle of Midway
21942Kokoda Front Line
31942Moscow Strikes Back
41942Prelude to War
51943Desert Victory
61943Baptism of Fire
71943The Battle of Russia
81943Report from the Aleutians
91943War Department Report
101944The Fighting Lady
111944Resisting Enemy Interrogation
121945The True Glory
131945The Last Bomb
151946Design for Death
161946Journey Into Medicine
171946The World Is Rich
181948The Secret Land
191948The Quiet One
201949Daybreak in Udi
211949Kenji Comes Home
221950The Titan: Story of Michelangelo
231950With These Hands
251951I Was a Communist for the FBI
261952The Sea Around Us
271952The Hoaxters
291953The Living Desert
301953The Conquest of Everest

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