En İyi Film Kurgusu - XML

311940North West Mounted Police - Anne Bauchens
321940The Grapes of Wrath - Robert E. Simpson
331940The Letter - Warren Low
341940The Long Voyage Home - Sherman Todd
351940Rebecca - Hal C. Kern
361941Sergeant York - William Holmes
371941Citizen Kane - Robert Wise
381941Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Harold F. Kress
391941How Green Was My Valley - James B. Clark
401941The Little Foxes - Daniel Mandell
411942The Pride of the Yankees - Daniel Mandell
421942Mrs. Miniver - Harold F. Kress
431942The Talk of the Town - Otto Meyer
441942This Above All - Walter Thompson
451942Yankee Doodle Dandy - George Amy
461943Air Force - George Amy
471943Casablanca - Owen Marks
481943Five Graves to Cairo - Doane Harrison
491943For Whom the Bell Tolls - Sherman Todd ve John Link
501943The Song of Bernadette - Barbara McLean
511944Wilson - Barbara McLean
521944Going My Way - Leroy Stone
531944Janie - Owen Marks
541944None but the Lonely Heart - Roland Gross
551944Since You Went Away - Hal C. Kern ve James E. Newcom
561945National Velvet - Robert J. Kern
571945The Bells of St. Mary's - Harry Marker
581945The Lost Weekend - Doane Harrison
591945Objective, Burma! - George Amy
601945A Song to Remember - Charles Nelson

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