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311952Edith Head, Dorothy Jeakins, Miles White - The Greatest Show on Earth
321952Antoni Clavé, Mary Wills, Barbara Karinska - Hans Christian Andersen
331952Helen Rose, Gile Steele - The Merry Widow
341952Charles LeMaire - With a Song in My Heart
351953Edith Head - Roman Holiday
361953Walter Plunkett - The Actress
371953Helen Rose, Herschel McCoy - Dream Wife
381953Jean Louis - From Here to Eternity
391953Charles LeMaire, Renie Conley - The President's Lady
4019531953 Renkli Charles LeMaire, Emile Santiago - The Robe
411953Mary Ann Nyberg - The Band Wagon
421953Irene Sharaff - Call Me Madam
431953Charles Le Maire, William Travilla - How to Marry a Millionaire
441953Walter Plunkett - Young Bess
451954Edith Head - Sabrina
461954Georges Annenkov, Rosine Delamare - The Earrings of Madame De. . .
471954Helen Rose - Executive Suite
481954Christian Dior - Indiscretion of an American Wife
491954Jean Louis - It Should Happen To You
501954Sanzo Wada - Gate of Hell
511954Irene Sharaff - Brigadoon
521954Charles LeMaire, Rene Hubert - Désirée
531954Jean Louis, Mary Ann Nyberg, Irene Sharaff - A Star Is Born
541954Charles LeMaire, William Travilla, Miles White - There's No Business Like Show Business
551955Helen Rose - I'll Cry Tomorrow
561955Beatrice Dawson - The Pickwick Papers
571955Jean Louis - Queen Bee
581955Edith Head - The Rose Tattoo
591955Tadaoto Kainosho - Ugetsu
601955Charles LeMaire - Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing

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