En İyi Film Müziği - XML

4811973Papillon - Jerry Goldsmith
4821973A Touch of Class - John Cameron
4831973Original Song Score and Adaptation: The Sting - Adaptation Score by Marvin Hamlisch
4841973Jesus Christ Superstar - Adaptation Score by André Previn, Herbert W. Spencer and Andrew Lloyd Webber
4851973Tom Sawyer -- Song Score by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman; Adaptation Score by John Williams
4861974Original Score: The Godfather Part II - Nino Rota, Carmine Coppola
4871974Chinatown - Jerry Goldsmith
4881974Murder on the Orient Express - Richard Rodney Bennett
4891974Shanks - Alex North
4901974The Towering Inferno - John Williams
4911974Original Song Score and Adaptation: The Great Gatsby - Adaptation Score by Nelson Riddle
4921974The Little Prince - Song Score by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe; Adaptation Score by Angela Morley and Douglas Gamley
4931974Phantom of the Paradise - Song Score by Paul Williams; Adaptation Score by Paul Williams and George Aliceson Tipton
4941975Original Score: Jaws - John Williams
4951975Birds Do It, Bees Do It - Gerald Fried
4961975Bite the Bullet (film) - Alex North
4971975One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - Jack Nitzsche
4981975The Wind and the Lion - Jerry Goldsmith
4991975Original Song Score and Adaptation: Barry Lyndon - Adaptation Score by Leonard Rosenman
5001975Funny Lady - Adaptation Score by Peter Matz
5011975Tommy - Adaptation Score by Peter Townshend
5021976Original Score: The Omen - Jerry Goldsmith
5031976Obsession - Bernard Herrmann (posthumous nomination)
5041976The Outlaw Josey Wales - Jerry Fielding
5051976Taxi Driver - Bernard Herrmann (posthumous nomination)
5061976Voyage of the Damned - Lalo Schifrin
5071976Original Song Score and Its Adaptation or Adaptation Score: Bound for Glory - Adaptation Score by Leonard Rosenman
5081976Bugsy Malone - Song Score and Adaptation Score by Paul Williams
5091976A Star Is Born - Adaptation Score by Roger Kellaway
5101977Original Score: Star Wars - John Williams

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