En İyi Film Müziği - XML

311938Breaking the Ice - Victor Young
321938The Cowboy and the Lady - Alfred Newman
331938If I Were King - Richard Hageman
341938Marie Antoinette - Herbert Stothart
351938Pacific Liner - Russell Bennett (early alternate billing for Robert Russell Bennett)
361938Suez - Louis Silvers
371938The Young in Heart - Franz Waxman
381939MUSIC (Original Score): The Wizard of Oz - Herbert Stothart
391939Dark Victory - Max Steiner
401939Eternally Yours - Werner Janssen
411939Golden Boy - Victor Young
421939Gone with the Wind - Max Steiner
431939Gulliver's Travels - Victor Young
441939The Man in the Iron Mask - Lud Gluskin, Lucien Moraweck
451939Man of Conquest - Victor Young
461939Mr. Smith Goes to Washington - Dimitri Tiomkin
471939Nurse Edith Cavell - Anthony Collins
481939Of Mice and Men - Aaron Copland
491939The Rains Came - Alfred Newman
501939Wuthering Heights - Alfred Newman
511939Hunchback of Notre Dame - Alfred Newman
521940MUSIC (Original Score): Pinocchio - Leigh Harline, Paul J. Smith, Ned Washington
531940Arizona - Victor Young
541940The Dark Command - Victor Young
551940The Fight for Life - Louis Gruenberg
561940The Great Dictator - Meredith Willson
571940The House of the Seven Gables - Frank Skinner
581940The Howards of Virginia - Richard Hageman
591940The Letter - Max Steiner
601940The Long Voyage Home - Richard Hageman

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