En İyi Ses Miksajı - XML

1211943This is the Army
1221944Wilson - E. H. Hansen, 20th Century-Fox Studio
1241944Casanova Brown
1251944Cover Girl
1261944Double Indemnity
1271944His Butler's Sister
1281944Hollywood Canteen
1291944It Happened Tomorrow
1311944Music in Manhattan
1321944A Voice in the Wind
1331945The Bells of St. Mary's - Stephen Dunn, RKO Radio Studio
1341945Flame of Barbary Coast
1351945Lady on a Train
1361945Leave Her to Heaven
1371945Rhapsody in Blue
1381945A Song to Remember
1391945The Southerner
1401945They Were Expendable
1411945The Three Caballeros
1421945Three Is a Family
1431945The Unseen
1441945Wonder Man
1451946The Jolson Story - John Livadary, Columbia Studio
1461946The Best Years of Our Lives
1471946It's a Wonderful Life
1481947The Bishop's Wife - Gordon Sawyer, Samuel Goldwyn Studio
1491947Green Dolphin Street

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